Topeka Symphony League

Welcome to the Symphony League website! The Topeka Symphony League’s mission is to support the Topeka Symphony Board, the Orchestra and three Youth Ensembles through fundraising, education programs, and development.

Motivation for the Topeka Symphony League involves helping to maintain the Topeka Symphony and Youth Ensembles-to ensure that each continues to thrive in northeast Kansas.
Topeka Symphony League volunteers help usher at concerts, assist with pre-and post-concert events, assist with youth ensemble events, and assist during symphony fundraising events. Monetary contributions and volunteer assistance are key to the Topeka Symphony League.
The League extends a warm welcome to all who choose to become members! As result of League membership, lasting friendships are formed in support of the Topeka Symphony. To date there are over one hundred members of the Topeka Symphony League and twenty-one members of the Topeka Symphony League Board.

The 29th Topeka Symphony League Gala is scheduled for February 2, 2018. The Symphony League Gala committee is working hard on the 2018 gala. All are welcome! Come join us!

The Topeka Symphony League is organized exclusively for charitable and education purposes under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you would like to be the face of making a difference in the Topeka and area community come join our dynamic Topeka Symphony League.

Please call the Symphony Office for information on membership (785-232-2032) or download our membership brochure.


Carolyn Rebek, President
Topeka Symphony League



From the Membership Chair:


The Topeka Symphony League supports the Topeka Symphony Society (the governing board of the TSO) and its goals for the Topeka Symphony Orchestra and Youth Ensembles through fund-raising projects, volunteerism, educational programs and development.
We invite you to join our support of the Topeka Symphony and Youth Ensembles with your membership in the Topeka Symphony League. A commitment of time is appreciated, but not required.
Join with a $30.00 Individual Contributing Membership, a $60.00 Family Contributing Membership or a $20.00 Individual Membership. More information is available by downloading our membership form, which you can print and send with your check.
Thank you for your consideration and your interest for symphonic music in our community.


Lea Billinger, Membership Chair


Topeka Symphony League
P.O. Box 3814
Topeka, KS 66604


The Topeka Symphony League Board of Directors 2017-18

Carolyn Rebek, President
Lea Billinger, 1st Vice President
Marianna Nothern, 2nd Vice President
Melanie McQuere, Secretary
Patty Hurwitz, Treasurer
Trella Anderson
Kristi Baker
Joan Barker
Carol Benoit
Susanne Bradley
Debra Clayton
Nedra Holroyd
Deesie Jackson
Sue Krische
Ann Mah
Michele McCaffrey
Kathy McDonald
Pam Munk
Fulva Seufert
Char Taggart
Honorary Lifetime Members
Thelma Fetter*
Doris Hedberg
Edith Lessenden Chandler*
Betty Jo Marling*
Diana Osterhout
Julie Reeves
Bette Tompkins
Norma Pettijohn